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LowTek CopyFaster 1.0 Final Relea

Faster is a utility that makes Windows 2000 Explorer copy big files up to 185% faster when copying to and from the same hard drive. CopyFaster does this by causing less hard drive head seeking and by using uncached file access to prevent wasted memory-to-memory copying to and from the cache. Enable CopyFaster and copy files in Windows 2000 Explorer normally by using the Edit menu, or drag and drop, etc. Visit CopyFaster`s web site at http://www.lowtek

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Throttle Make your internet connection up to 200 percent faster instantly.


Throttle instantly upgrades your computer and modem to download files faster, browse the web faster and play games without lag. If you are tired of browsing the web taking forever to load or you want to download large files faster, Throttle can instantly increase the speed of your internet. Throttle is one of the best internet acceleration software products and works with Cable, DSL, U-Verse, Fios, dial-up, satellite and mobile internet.

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My Faster PC 6.0: Clean up your computer, optimize settings, and speed up your PC.

My Faster PC 6.0

Clean, optimize, and speed up your computer with My Faster PC. Access great tools like Disk Cleaner, PC Optimizer, and My Defragmenter. My Faster PC can also find hidden issues and clean startup programs and browser add-ons. If you have slow PC performance or just want to keep your computer optimized and well-maintained, My Faster PC is a powerful tool to keep your computer clean and running well. Download your free trial today!

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Faster WoW 1.03: Provides a faster WoW experience by stopping the services before launching WoW

Faster WoW 1.03

Quick WoW Launcher enables you to run World of Warcraft faster on slower machines by first stopping unnecessary Windows services in the background and then launching your World of Warcraft client. You can choose which services to stop and view the services that are already stopped. These options can be saved so that the next time you run Quick WoW Launcher, it will automatically stop the selected services and launch the WoW program faster.

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PCBoost Boost your computer speed and performance the easy way.  Easy overclocking.


PCBoost allows you to run programs such as games, video production, photo editing software and any software that requires excessive processing power to run much faster than the software was originally designed for. With little to no effort you can instantly force programs and games to run faster on your computer without having to purchase new hardware. PCBoost`s simple to use interface allows you to set it and forget it.

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Asoftech Speeder 2.19: Award winning software to change games speed and Windows speed

Asoftech Speeder 2.19

Ever thought of changing games speed so that you can have more reaction time, or more powerful gun fire, or run faster in the game? Asoftech Speeder is such a tool to adjust the speed of games and applications. It can speed up the games so that your gun fires faster, or slow down games so that you can have more time to react. It uses a revolutional speed modification technology. You donot need to spend a single $ to purchase hardware.

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PCMedik Fix and boost your computer speed the easy way.  Make your computer faster.


faster. Over time as you install new and updated software, you get the impression your computer is slower due to these applications being more demanding of faster hardware. PCMedik makes your computer faster by making several changes to Windows settings; for instance it turns off several animations that degrade performance, instructs the CPU how to prioritize background tasks, how files are loaded and written to the hard drive, changes to the way

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SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator 8.0.0: Software to speed up your internet connection.

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator 8.0.0

The software solution for a faster internet connection. SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator is a powerful Windows application designed to optimize and speed up your internet related activities including browsing, downloading, uploading, streaming, online gaming, sending and receiving email. Software to speed up your internet connection.

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Cacheman 7.10: Cacheman is designed to improve speed and stability of your computer.

Cacheman 7.10

Cacheman is a Windows performance optimization tool. The computer cache is a special high-speed storage method. Requested data can be retrieved faster from a local cache than from its original location. Cacheman tweaks cache components for a faster computer. You can use Auto-Optimize to get the best tweaks for all cache parameters. Cacheman also allows you to reduce lag in computer games, by giving more power to the chosen game.

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Horizon X 1.5.1: Action gaming at its finest! Featuring intense gameplay and tons of missions.

Horizon X 1.5.1

Alien Invaders are attacking your planet! Your only defense is to use your flying platforms to neutralize the bombs before they hit the ground. It will take quick actions and a steady hand to bring order and peace to this chaotic world. Take a deep breath because the aliens never stop and the bombs keep coming faster, and faster, and faster....

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